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Welcome to Runners Plus - Dayton, Ohio's #1 Specialty Retailer of Running Shoes, Fitness Apparel, and Accessories!

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Runners Plus is now located behind the Dayton Mall at:

8970 Kingsridge Dr., Dayton, OH 45458
937-424-8840 : Map/Directions : Contact Us


We offer over 100 different models of shoes at Runners Plus, so we understand that it can seem very difficult to find the right pair. Don’t worry, though. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the perfect pair of shoes for your feet.

Running Shoe Gait Analysis

It starts with a biomechanical gait analysis. First, one of our staff will take a look at your foot structure to observe the shape, symmetry, and structure of your feet. Next, we have you walk without shoes to observe your feet in motion. This is important, because the foot does not behave the same in a static position as it does while in motion.

If you are using the shoes for running, we will videotape you on a treadmill. This allows us to show you what we are looking for and provide more thorough analysis by slowing down your video frame by frame.

Based on what we observe and what you tell us about your running history, goals, and any pain you may have been having, we will bring 2-3 pairs of shoes for you to try. If you are planning on running in your new pair of shoes, test them out! If they are for walking, then walk around the store in them. Our observations while you do this will provide us with additional information, and it gives you a moment to get a sense of how they feel. The feedback you provide to our staff is extremely useful and helps us to guide you to the perfect fit.


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