runners plus elite

Some people go above and beyond the norm in their training and running goals, where 60 mile weeks and 5:00-6:00 minute miles are commonplace. Runners Plus Elite is composed of these types of extraordinarily dedicated athletes.


RPE is a race team sponsored by Runners Plus and Integrative Health + Sports Performance. The purpose is to provide excellent equipment, motivation, and camaraderie to Dayton’s premier running men and women. Members must meet certain qualifying times in order to be eligible for Runners Plus Elite, and benefits include free uniforms and apparel as well as generous in-store discounts and IHSP services.


If you are interested in more information about Runners Plus Elite, please contact Eric Contreras.


Male Qualifying Times:

Distance              Male         Male Masters

5K                         16:59             17:59

8K                         27:40            29:20

10K                       34:50            36:59

Half-Marathon    1:20                1:25

Marathon             2:50               2:59


Female Qualifying Times: 

Distance            Female      Female Masters

5K                        19:59             20:59

8K                        33:20             34:59

10K                      41:59             43:59

Half-Marathon    1:33                1:40

Marathon             3:15                3:30

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