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PART III: Teddy "Bear" Bross, Ultramarathoner




Ultramarathoner & medical student

Experimenting in sport with scientific analysis on performance

Sponsors: Runners Plus, Honey Stinger, HIVE



  • What do you eat/drink before a run?

    • My typical fuel on race morning is peanut-butter toast with bananas washed down with milk. I usually have 3 or 4 slices and really load up on the peanut butter!

  • What do you eat/drink during a run?

    • This seems to be a never-ending source of trial-and-error for me, and perhaps what humbles me the most during 100 mile races. 

    • For shorter runs (note: anything less than 10 miles), all I take is water.

    • For anything further than 10 miles I usually have a pretty good combination of things. I try to have 2 water bottles with one of them water and the other Tailwind – my favorite is the lemon flavored. Tailwind has a higher electrolyte content than Gatorade, and I have found it to sit better in my stomach. Solid food usually consist of a regimen of Honey Stinger waffles and Honey Stinger chews – favorites being the Cherry Cola chews (so good!) and the Salted Caramel waffles.

    • However, I have experimented with all sorts of food items, and usually anything under 50 miles I can eat pretty much anything. I routinely run from my house to Chipotle and back, consuming my burrito on the trip home. Since I moved downtown its only about a 1.2 mile round trip, but my fastest time is 8 minutes and 35 seconds – that’s from my front door and back, ending with an empty foil!

  • How do you manage the process of fueling on a run?

    • I have two separate watches. One beeps every 45 minutes to notify and remind me to eat and drink.

  • What calorie target do you shoot for on your runs?

    • 100-150 cal/hr for 50K

    • 250 cal/hr – 100K+

  • What do you eat/drink after a run?

    • Um, as much as I can! I routinely make myself a fruit and veggie smoothie with some Vega protein powder, turmeric and spirulina following harder workouts. However, I am often eating on-the-go with my busy schedule. Sometimes I order a large pizza (usually sans-cheese) on my run and pick it up as soon as I am finished, consumed the whole pie in one sitting. Other times I do the Chipotle double, eating two bowls or one bowl and a burrito. 

    • On my long runs with Jay, there is nothing better than a post-run beer! It has become a ritual to finish a 20 or 30 mile run and spend an hour on his porch drinking beer, swapping run stories and just enjoying the sunshine. If we are lucky, his wife Shelly has a big pot of vegetable soup waiting for us when we get back! 

  • What do you carry with you during your training sessions?

    • On runs shorter than 10 miles, just high quality H2O in a handheld water bottle. For races other than 100 miles, I switch between using handhelds and a waist-belt usually with Tailwind in one of my bottles. For the 100 milers, I have routinely used a running vest that stores two water bottles as well as has carrying capacity for pretty much anything I might need. 

    • I did a 40 mile self-supported run around the Shawnee State Park backpacking trail this summer and brought a combination of my vest and my waist-belt, giving me three 20oz water bottles. There are a few places to refill water on the trail, and I found that I was well-fueled the entire trip.

  • What inspires you when you cook?

    • My mom is my inspiration, and I experiment a lot in the kitchen.

    • I also recommend Scott Jurek’s book Eat and Run.


Feel free to DM Teddy on Instagram with questions!





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